Light on my back and Perfect for my Mac!

Photo 10-12-2016, 14 49 12.jpg

As an entrepreneur, I’m always prepared to leave for the next important meetup. My MacBook, iPad, and all my charging accessories travel with me. My opinion about bags, in general, is that they need to be rugged, functional with an assortment of pockets and aesthetically designed. It shouldn’t look like something you borrowed from the IT department!

I recently picked up Moshi’s Helios Lite bag in titanium gray. I’d have to admit the Titanium gray color goes well with all my accessories. Elegantly designed yet simplistic versatility makes it both a fashion statement and a must have handy accessory. The close attention to detail even allowed for me to carry a water bottle and on often rainy days my handy umbrella. The padded interior compartment kept my MacBook safe.

The adjustable straps don’t loosen when loaded down like some of the other bags I’ve used. Oh! And the weather resistant material, coupled with an assortment of hidden pockets means that it can safely store my passport and wallet too. The Helios Lite is my new best friend, and I’m never using another bag again. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of buying another one, in blue... what do you guys think?

Well, time to toss my MacBook into the bag and head off to my next stop. Ciao!

For more information, visit Moshi’s website

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