The Tediber Mattress Made My Dreams Come True!


To me, sleep is one of the most important parts of my life. A good night’s sleep helps to gear me up for the day ahead by regenerating every cell in my body. Over the years I’ve tested many mattresses but none like the Tedibear mattress.

The Tedibear mattress fulfills its promise of being comfortable, firm and cozy. I tested out the mattress for 100 days, and I found it be exceptionally comfortable. My sleep improved and I felt refreshed every morning. The latex covering helps to insulate my body’s heat which keeps me warm and feeling cozy.

If you are looking for a great mattress, I will recommend the Tedibear Mattress mainly because you can try it out for 100 days. The company offers free delivery and free returns within the 100-day period. So, like me, you have nothing to lose but a good night’s sleep to gain!

Here is How Vitra Furniture Helped with Upgrading my Apartment!


Many you guys already know that fashion is not my only passion. I love interior design and especially making my apartment cozy. Since the time I moved back to Paris around five months back, I wasn’t able to personalize my space the way I wanted. But with help from Vitra, I’ve realized my dream space!

My focus is mainly on refurnishing with smart, elegant and timeless designs. By adding just a few pieces like their RAR Chair by Charles & Ray Eames, LTR Table, Eye Coffee mug, corniches and my all-time favorite the Sunburst Clock, I’ve managed to add a touch of class to my humble abode.

Vitra is a brand whose designs are heavily copied, and many have come across it without even knowing who the original design belongs to. In most cases, it’s a copied from Vitra. Though they are copies, none match the brand’s attention to detail and quality.

Vitra is the only brand able to draw products via a culmination of ideas from well-known designers like Charles & Ray Eames, Verner Panton, and George Nelson. It is why I chose the brand to make my apartment look and feel more contemporary and comfortable.


La Frange à l’Envers Makes Fashion Affordable for All


La Frange à l’Envers is a venture that sells second-hand designer clothing for men and women. While it may come across as a conventional thrift store to many people, the primary difference is that it focuses on fashion.

La Frange à l’Envers is founded by two sisters Coralie, and Anne-Sophie both of whom are extremely passionate about fashion. They share a desire of selling high-quality products that everyone can afford. The goal is to put high-quality clothing within the reach of everyone, and so far, the startup has already started gaining momentum.

The company caters to both men and women in search of fashionable clothing from well-known brands. Fashion lovers can find a large selection of excellent clothing which are housed in their 120m2 space in the heart of 11th arrondissement: 81, rue Saint-Maur 75011 Paris.

Brands available include Maje, Sessun, Isabel Marant, The Kooples, Opening Ceremony, Sandro, etc. Finally, La Frange à l’Envers has an online store enabling people to shop and have the items delivered to their doorstep.

P:S: I will be leaving a couple of outfits at the store so that my followers, readers and fans can enjoy wearing them too.

My Experience with the New Alfa Romeo Stelvio in the Beautiful French Alps


I have just returned after spending a week in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. I stayed at the luxurious Le Hameau Abert Premier, which granted me a beautiful view of the Mont Blanc range every morning.

At an altitude of 3,478ft Chamonix is connected via a network of winding roads. So, I needed a car that could handle the challenge of steep climbs with ease. I opted for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV, known for its excellent grip, engine response and great handling experience. Plus, I was instantly attracted by its aggressive, sporty look.

Upon entering the dashboard swoops around to envelop the driver. The design details were striking from the time I entered. Take the steering wheel for instance which feels so premium and comfortable. The Alfa Romeo embossed seats, the cluster panel and overall feel of the car is so Alfa male. Though the feature I like most about the Stelvio is the start/stop button conveniently located on the steering wheel.

The Stelvio performed better than I could imagine. Its excellent road grip and quick acceleration allowed me to swoop around hair-pin curves and climb steep roads with ease. Never did the engine feel it was losing power or the suspension slipping because of frost on the roads. It is why the Stelvio is now my favorite SUV!

Chilling, Relaxing and Snowboarding Session in Megève


After a long year of working and traveling the world for business I need some time to unwind. Few places are as refreshing as Megève. The tall snowcapped mountains are home to 300kms of slopes. The perfect setting for suiting up with Fusalp Snowboarding Outfit, dusting off my gear and snowboarding all day long.

I found the perfect spot at the Lodge Park. An upscale Alpine log cabin which resembles something out of the African Savanna. Ideally located in the heart of the village, next door to the chairlifts meant that I spent most of my time snowboarding. The indoor sauna, pool, gym and spa bath gave me the luxury of sitting back and enjoying my nights against a backdrop of natural beauty.

My choice for clothing was influenced by my urge to try something different and the Fusalp brand is as innovative as it can get. My girlfriend and I agreed that the brand’s Snowboarding Outfit would be perfect to insulate us from the sharp contrasting cold we were faced with outside. The streamlined cut and usage of exotic materials result in a light, skin hugging and insulating winter clothing. Regardless of how much you roll, fall or slip in the snow it does not get wet, tear or restrict moment. Above all its stylish, making you look cooler on an unusually cold day which is always a big plus!

2016 was a very busy year so deciding to kick off 2017 with a long overdue vacation has set me off on the right path!

Light on my back and Perfect for my Mac!

Photo 10-12-2016, 14 49 12.jpg

As an entrepreneur, I’m always prepared to leave for the next important meetup. My MacBook, iPad, and all my charging accessories travel with me. My opinion about bags, in general, is that they need to be rugged, functional with an assortment of pockets and aesthetically designed. It shouldn’t look like something you borrowed from the IT department!

I recently picked up Moshi’s Helios Lite bag in titanium gray. I’d have to admit the Titanium gray color goes well with all my accessories. Elegantly designed yet simplistic versatility makes it both a fashion statement and a must have handy accessory. The close attention to detail even allowed for me to carry a water bottle and on often rainy days my handy umbrella. The padded interior compartment kept my MacBook safe.

The adjustable straps don’t loosen when loaded down like some of the other bags I’ve used. Oh! And the weather resistant material, coupled with an assortment of hidden pockets means that it can safely store my passport and wallet too. The Helios Lite is my new best friend, and I’m never using another bag again. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of buying another one, in blue... what do you guys think?

Well, time to toss my MacBook into the bag and head off to my next stop. Ciao!

For more information, visit Moshi’s website

Learn more about the Helios Lite

Making A Holiday Season Fashion Statement with Bonobo’s Christmas Curiosity Collection

Every Christmas I like to do something different. Getting into the Christmas spirit for me requires changing the way I do things and that starts with what I wear. Christmas season is about color, happiness, and energy so obviously, I’m always looking for clothes that reflected this positive aura. That’s when I ran into and fell in love with Bonobo’s “Christmas Curiosity” collection.

Brightly colored, excellent fitting and most of all affordable. The “Christmas Curiosity” collection is specifically for people like myself who want to get into the festive mood by making a bold holiday season statement. But if there was one thing I liked most about the new Bonobo Jeans it would have to be its comfort which is always my no. 1 priority.

I still need to buy a few more accessories for Christmas but just thought you should know about it (lien).