A stylish, durable and versatile bags and luggage collection

I’m a big fan of Thule Subterra collection. For starters, the brand offers a range of stylish, durable and versatile collection of laptop bags, duffle bags, luggage and sleeve bags. The bags are highly functional and look great when traveling.

While it is hard for me to choose one or two bags out of the highly versatile Subterra collection, the two that I’ve used and happen to be my favorite are the Subterra Carry-on Luggage and the PowerShuttle.


Thule Subterra Carry-On 55cm Luggage


Apart from looking stylish and modern, the Subterra Carry-On Luggage offers more than just great looks. It is water resistant making it perfect for carrying electronics and other items which you want to keep dry.

The strategically placed zipped pocket is especially nifty as it allows me quick access to essential items like my passport, camera, phone charger, etc.

As a fashion & travel blogger, I often travel with a lot of clothes. Naturally, the generous space and the compression panel allows me to carry more clothes and still stay organized.


Thule Subterra PowerShuttle

Capture d’écran 2018-06-27 à 19.06.08.png

It is the ideal travel bag in my opinion because it accommodates everything from data cables to my phone, and camera charger. Made from some of the durable materials with extra padding and high-quality YKK zippers, it is the perfect size to store an external hard drive…after all, I need to backup all those pictures for you guys!