How the Slendertone Connect Belt Helped Me to Tone My Abs?


The reason why I’m toned all year round is because I exercise. However, a busy schedule seldom means I don’t have the time to train. Admittedly there are days when I can’t go to the gym, and on those days, I’ve found the Slendertone belt to be priceless.


Honestly, I’ve tried many different toning belts in the past but with no results. The Slendertone belt is different it delivered results after 4 weeks and continues to tone my all abs (the six pack + the internal and external oblique muscles). I strap it on for 30 minutes while attending to other stuff and so it requires no input from me, unlike conventional ab exercises. The strange thing is I actually feel my abs working! 


I would recommend the Slendertone belt to anyone who wants to maintain their abs on a busy schedule. The belt is really simple to use and intuitive. Really love how my abs look!