Restez au chaud avec la gamme HEATTECH de chez Uniqlo


Bonjour les amis !

J’espère que vous allez bien :D Avec les températures de la saison, il y a de quoi restez blotti sous sa couette à boire des chocolats chauds. Mais d’un autre côté, pourquoi rester enfermer alors qu’il y a tant à découvrir ? C’est en me posant cette question qu’il m’est venu l’envie de me rendre en Suisse, précisément à Zermatt, à 2939 m d’altitude. Pas besoin de vous dire à quel point il peut faire froid là-bas, surtout en cette période de l’année. Mais ce n’est pas ça qui allait m’arrêter. Il me fallait juste trouver l’outfit idéal pour rester au chaud :D

C’était donc le moment idéal pour moi de tester la gamme de vêtements HEATTECH de chez Uniqlo, dont le côté novateur fait beaucoup parler depuis son lancement ; vous avez dit innovation ? Eh oui, HEATTECH utilise une technologie qui permet de rendre le vêtement extrêmement léger, et surtout de transformer les vapeurs d’eau du corps en chaleur ! Les férus de physique-chimie comprendront, mais pour eux comme pour moi et pour vous, il faut essayer ces vêtements pour mieux comprendre de quoi il est question. Ce que j’ai fait.

 Pour le look, croyez-moi, je n’ai pas sacrifié mes préférences. J’ai justement craqué pour cet ensemble composé d’une doudoune rouge et d’un T-shirt col roulé blanc. Vous ne le remarquerez peut-être pas à première vue, mais cette doudoune a l’avantage d’être sans couture, ce qui la rend beaucoup plus imperméable qu’une doudoune classique. Qu’il pleuve, qu’il vente ou qu’il neige, vous êtes couvert. Au niveau du poids, elle est également très légère et donc peu encombrante.

Rien de mieux pour mettre sous cette doudoune que ce magnifique T-shirt col roulé blanc aux manches longues, comme sait si bien le fabriquer Uniqlo. Autant vous dire que ce n’est pas aujourd’hui que je découvre les T-shirts HEATTECH, car j’en porte depuis plus de deux ans, et je ne m’en passe plus en période hivernale. Pour cause, ces T-shirts disposent d’un tissage ultra fin et quasi invisible sous les pulls ; ils me tiennent toujours au chaud grâce à leurs propriétés thermorégulatrices, le froid n’étant donc qu’une notion et non plus une sensation pour moi en hiver. Par ailleurs, pas besoin de dépenser une fortune pour s’en procurer un T-shirt HEATTECH. Le classique par exemple ne coûte que 14€90.

How the Slendertone Connect Belt Helped Me to Tone My Abs?


The reason why I’m toned all year round is because I exercise. However, a busy schedule seldom means I don’t have the time to train. Admittedly there are days when I can’t go to the gym, and on those days, I’ve found the Slendertone belt to be priceless.


Honestly, I’ve tried many different toning belts in the past but with no results. The Slendertone belt is different it delivered results after 4 weeks and continues to tone my all abs (the six pack + the internal and external oblique muscles). I strap it on for 30 minutes while attending to other stuff and so it requires no input from me, unlike conventional ab exercises. The strange thing is I actually feel my abs working! 


I would recommend the Slendertone belt to anyone who wants to maintain their abs on a busy schedule. The belt is really simple to use and intuitive. Really love how my abs look!

The Best Robot Vacuum for 2018


It might be a contradictory statement if I said that, I hated cleaning but love my apartment to be clean at all times. Though it is a contradiction, I probably have in common with many other people. However, the way I manage this contradiction is to use the iRobot Roomba 980, which is ideally suited for a guy like me!

Automatic Cleaning on the Fly

I just need to program the iRobot Roomba 980 via the iRobot HOME App and it does all the cleaning for me. Each day I return to a clean home thanks to the robot which cleans every inch of the apartment and then returns to its base. All I’ve got to do then is empty the trash (which is by the way very easy).

I previously used the iRobot Roomba 650 for 5 years, and although it worked perfectly, it was time for a change. That led me to the 980, an upgraded and latest model with a fresh set of innovative features.

New Features

The new iRobot, like the most of the lineup now, connects to my Wi-Fi, and I can tell it when to clean via a mobile app from anywhere in the world. It is a feature I find often using especially if I’m expecting a few last-minute guests to arrive. Besides I can always be sure of coming back to a clean apartment that impresses even me!

Besides being super connected, the Roomba 980 is also super smart :D It’s the first robot that combines adaptive navigation with visual localization to clean an ENTIRE level of a home, recharging and resuming as needed until the job is done. He is also smart enough to detect different floor surfaces and optimize its cleaning power based on the type of floor.

This robot became my perfect ally against dirt :D

Les coulisses de mon tournage pour le magazine NEON & L’Héritier-Guyot


Il y a quelques jours, j’ai vécu une expérience incroyable que j’avais envie de vous raconter. J’ai été contacté pour réaliser des cocktails pour le magazine NEON en partenariat avec la maison de crèmes de fruits L’Héritier-Guyot. 

C’était la deuxième fois que je me retrouvais devant une caméra et croyez-moi ça n’a rien à voir avec le fait d’être devant un objectif. J’ai adoré ce moment qui m’a permis de découvrir les coulisses d’un tournage et de voir ma réaction face à la caméra.

Pour ceux qui me connaissent, je suis un fan de cocktails, j’adore en tester des nouveaux ! Pendant ce tournage j’ai réalisé un cocktail rafraîchissant à base de bière que j’ai adoré alors je partage avec vous la recette :

  • Dans un verre à bière, écraser au pilon 2 petits morceaux de citronnelle.
  • Verser 3,5 cl de crème de citron-citron l’Héritier-Guyot (très frais).
  • Ajouter 1,5 cl de sirop de pomme verte.
  • Compléter avec 20 cl de bière blanche.
  • Décorer avec une tranche de pomme verte et voilà ! 

La recette est vraiment facile à réaliser et vous permettra de surprendre vos amis pour les prochains matchs de la Coupe du Monde ;)

A stylish, durable and versatile bags and luggage collection

I’m a big fan of Thule Subterra collection. For starters, the brand offers a range of stylish, durable and versatile collection of laptop bags, duffle bags, luggage and sleeve bags. The bags are highly functional and look great when traveling.

While it is hard for me to choose one or two bags out of the highly versatile Subterra collection, the two that I’ve used and happen to be my favorite are the Subterra Carry-on Luggage and the PowerShuttle.


Thule Subterra Carry-On 55cm Luggage


Apart from looking stylish and modern, the Subterra Carry-On Luggage offers more than just great looks. It is water resistant making it perfect for carrying electronics and other items which you want to keep dry.

The strategically placed zipped pocket is especially nifty as it allows me quick access to essential items like my passport, camera, phone charger, etc.

As a fashion & travel blogger, I often travel with a lot of clothes. Naturally, the generous space and the compression panel allows me to carry more clothes and still stay organized.


Thule Subterra PowerShuttle

Capture d’écran 2018-06-27 à 19.06.08.png

It is the ideal travel bag in my opinion because it accommodates everything from data cables to my phone, and camera charger. Made from some of the durable materials with extra padding and high-quality YKK zippers, it is the perfect size to store an external hard drive…after all, I need to backup all those pictures for you guys!

A Designer Peace To Clean My Apartment

Dyson Cyclone V10™.jpg

As an indoor design aficionado, I’m always searching for aesthetically designed consumer electronics. It is thus naturally the Dyson Cyclone V10 came as the latest aesthetic addition to my apartment.

Usually, vacuums are large, ugly and have no place in my apartment’s design. In the past, I’d often hide the vacuum or would try not to be caught vacuuming by friends and family. Luckily, I discovered the Dyson Cyclone V10™ , which has made my life a lot easier. Now I don’t mind being caught vacuuming!

The Dyson Cyclone V10™  is surprisingly powerful for its size and can be stored anywhere in my apartment. However, its aesthetic design means that I can proudly display it in full view of everyone…it’s a real head-turner!

Summer is Just around the Corner - My Spring Workout


Ideally located near Opéra with the other branch near Beaubourg, I consider L’Usine to be Europe’s Mecca of fitness. Designed by Christophe Delcourt, it has an aura of energy which has a way of getting you into the groove.

Since I don’t have time to spend hours at the gym coach Adrien France hammered out a quick muscle building program to whip me into shape. My goal like most men is to put on muscle while stripping away as much fat as possible.

Adrien has incorporated many bodyweight exercises into my routine, the benefit of which is I don’t have to be at the gym to do them. My training mainly focuses on the abs, back, and chest. After a fitness session, I relax at the spa with a massage and hammams.

My routine:

  • Bench press + pull up: 4 x 10
  • 1'30 rest
  • Ring pull + kettle Bell swing: 4 x 10
  • 1'30 rest
  • Back squat + shoulder press: 4 x 10
  • 1'30 rest
  • Jumping lunges (20 rep) + burpees (10)+ mountain climbers (60)+ push up (30) :
  • 3 set / No rest between

My Recommendation for the Best Christmas Gifts for Men

We are just weeks away from Christmas which is arguably one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. However, if you haven’t figured out what to get your brother, father, or boyfriend, then I have a couple of suggestions.

The Timberland Walcott Watch


Timberland watches are for those who live their lives outdoors. Their rugged design mirrors the harsh terrain that they are meant to be used in. I like the fact that unlike other ruggedly built watches the Walcott looks beautiful and feels premium on the wrist. Plus, their selection of natural leathers and bright plastics help make them comfortable to wear.

L'homme Cologne Cedrat Collection Gift Box


In my opinion, this is one of the best gift boxes for men. The collection is masculine and refreshing as it blends citrus notes of cedrat with those of wood spices and icy notes. L’Occitane puts in a great deal of research into developing great products, and this gift box just puts them all in one place.

The set contains:

  • 75ml L'Homme Cologne Cedrat  shampoo
  • 250ml L'Homme Cologne Cedrat Shower Gel 
  • 30ml L'Homme Cologne Cedrat Gel-Cream After-Shave
  • 50g L'Homme Cologne Cedrat Soap

Get celebrity treatment at Cures Marines Trouville Thalasso & Spa


Cures Marines Trouville Thalasso & Spa shines with the ornate white stucco façade laden with a slate roof. The best view, in my opinion, is from the sea, which gives you an appreciation for its Belle Époque grandeur.

The interior has been completely reinovated with high ceilings, three floors of bedrooms, two levels of spa, and a bar and lobby. Jean-Philippe Nuel has pulled off a somewhat delicate and sophisticated combination of contemporary design.

The Thalasso & Spa

As a self-styled beauty connoisseur, one of the places I had to visit was the Luxury Spa managed by Thalassa sea & spa. It has a large catalog of facial treatments and body care. My personal favorite was the “Measure Beflow,” and the one I recommend. It is a body shape calculator which uses the latest technology to guide you on the best treatments for your needs.

If your face feels a little rough, you can try their Swiss cell facial. This is a deep facial with the help of many specialized creams. While you’re at it try the Chinese Tui Na. It combines traditional Chinese medicine to ease stress and fatigue.


Food and Drink

Upstairs is where the Le 1912 restaurant puts a modern spin on local produce. The main specialties are fish and shellfish, but they also serve vegetables and Normandy beef.

The Le bar d’Eugène is hard to miss with its high ceilings and large windows the perfect setting to relax over a cocktail. Its affordable and I loved nibbling on a few tapas style snacks while taking in the surroundings.


A Breath of Fresh Air in Stockholm


It was my first time in Scandinavia despite having visited over 30 countries. I spent a week exploring Stockholm and the outer archipelago. Gamla Stan was one of my favorite parts of Stockholm owing to its unique Swedish architecture. The winding cobblestone streets were beautiful and I really like Stortorget for its famous buildings. Another great area especially for food and drinks is Södermalm, a well-known hipster hangout.

Heading out of Stockholm, it is surrounded by beautiful islands. My personal favorite was Vaxholm which is an hour’s trip by boat and is a nature lover’s paradise surrounded by red cabins. This was a great location to get some cool drone footage.

As a music and technology lover, no trip to Stockholm is completed without visiting Spotify’s headquarters. A company that needs no introduction, I was impressed with the large open floor space and really cool design. As a casual gamer, I loved the fact that Spotify has a full gaming room.

To top it off, my stay in Stockholm was made extremely comfortable by At Six Hotel. A brand-new hotel inspired by the Scandinavian design, I especially appreciated the all black room, where I slept like a baby. The fresh and generous breakfast was an amazing way to start the morning and get ready to explore. Don’t forgot to order a Fika on your way out!